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. the movie is searching for sugarman house self africana fans helped discover a mexican-american detroit musician and the same way the british rockers came to chicago in the early '60s. the city of detroit decrepit and gritty but at its heart to industries that have kept it's hard to beating cars and music. hard to beating, cars in and heart beating cars and music. >> while also working to keep his musical life. >> i always played music. >> the 70 year-old rodriguez recorded an album in 1959 motown hated it, the music capital of the world for recording and performing a time when a lot of other detroit musicians had huge fan base is domestically and internationally but rodriguez's music never sold in the u.s. anyways but he kept slugging away at manual labor. rodriguez, a human metaphor for detroit both facing setbacks but hardly defeated. exhibiting results resilience determination believing in better days ahead. while working and raising a family rodriguez took 10 years off to earn a 4 year college degree. >> how one can improve once the station in life... >> his lyrics were intel
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with detroit all year you don't want to give up a bunch of extra base runners and that's what the sox did tonight against the tigers they have paid a big price in the go ahead against this series, the brilliant first four innings giving the sox exactly what they needed to try dominating he got all of it and the socks grab a one-nothing lead. a ground ball in the base hit from austin jackson into detroit goes in front 2-1 that is probably your ball game right there fielder has done nothing in this ballpark all season he made a 6-1 game there. the cubs anthony rizzo ok after the game against the astros alfonso terrific season continues a solo homer, 49 homers gives him 96 for the year the cubs about to win their second series in a row. next year's baseball schedules are out today for the sox a home opener against the royals and a fun series at home against the miami marlins the cubs open on the road in pittsburg. the cross town classic is now four games over four days may 27th and 28th the 29th and 30th at wrigley notre dame is the latest team to flee the big conference for everything else
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. there will be a media frenzy tomorrow at a house in roseville michigan just outside of detroit when authorities dig into a driveway in search of potential schuman remains. human remains. ground penetrating radar spotted an anomaly something out of the ordinary after police received what they believe to be a credible source. but they are skeptical that the remains of their belonged to hoffa. a change in this year's flu vaccine that you really should know about. 80 years of chicago history captured by three generations of photographers. what are these flowers going to turn into? >> brad is a special education teacher and conducts class were ever there is a lesson to be taught. michael for the kids i am dealing with is i would like to help them become as independent as possible. if this freshman is an example, it's working. >> i like him because he was a good teacher and he helped me all through the summer and i love him very much. >> he is behaving better, helping around the house more he is actually doing things at home that he normally maybe wouldn't do he is more responsive, and he talks more.
in kansas city. the sox win their fifth straight with 15 games left meanwhile in detroit the tigers against the oakland a's. third inning cabrera got that 1 39th of the year gave the tigers a 3-1 lead and later on its cabrera again the fourth player to hit 40 homers this season this one was a grand slam the tigers win 12-2 and they are now still within three of the white sox. hannigan wins this one with the bases loaded he clears them off. those are the only runs in the ninth for the reds. the cubs have just one and the reds win 3-1. j. cutler address to the incident on his radio show today is the kind of apologized for the physicality of it but says he didn't see anything wrong with yelling at web. it was a swinging door at left tackle and color made his displeasure well understood and in front of everybody. today he had a chance to answer back. >> i probably shouldn't have bumped him i will go with that as far as me yelling at him and tried to get him going in the game i don't regret that but i should have bombed tim i will stick to that it was an emotional game i put a lot into playing
when you do. the sox looking to build a lead over detroit. the sox ticket to a game lead a chance to put the tigers in their rearview mirror the socks is calling everyone's good luck charm it james f. klein to throughout the first pitch he stayed ahead and made the big pitches all night. the sox were still down 1-nothing in this 6 when this happened, a three run shot the socks up three-one and a.j. pierzynski, this one flew right over second base their lead over the tigers could be up to three games. in the sixth inning that cubs plan on a 2-1 lead over the astros. the bears five preseason games are over. yesterday's win over the colts was not a practice game it only seemed like it. everyone got to play. the bears' offense was very good, jay cutlers rating just shy of 99. you know they do not want to start off 0 and 2 at home. i wish we had a little bit more time to prepare. we saw the 40 niners beat them up there yesterday so we got a chance. >> we have a lot of stuff to improve on from this past week. it's time for us to go up there and get ready for another big game. we do k
your own stuff, the sox are through with detroit, they still had the division lead heading into game two this afternoon at minneapolis... the twins are one team the sox have had little trouble with this season... and former twin francisco liriano gets the call today against his ex-teammates.... the sox took good care of him-- third inning, already 1-0, paul konerko-- it's been awhile for him, but a two-run shot here makes it a 3-0 ballgame... liriano threw a no-hitter for the twins against the sox last year-- in this game, he almost turned the tables, hadn't given up a hit until the seventh inning... when he did, it was a long one-- tyler plooffe's two run homer... ploofe acted like he'd just won the world series, but the sox get the win today, 5- 3... tigers won, too, so the lead holds at one game.... great day to watch a game at wrigley... got him good here... cubs lose 7-6 >>college football northwestern only bcs team in the country to be 2-0 after playing two bcs opponents-- syracuse and vanderbilt... today, the cats were out to make it three straight... hosting boston colle
has always done best, we are making things again. i have met workers in detroit and toledo who never thought it would build another american car and today they cannot build them fast enough because we rebuilt an auto industry that is back on top i worked with business leaders who are bringing jobs back to america not because our workers make less pay but because we make better products. because we work harder and smarter than anyone else. i assigned trade agreements that are helping our companies sell more goods to millions of new customers stand with three proud words made in america. >> usa! usa! usa! >> and after a decade of decline in this country created over half a million manufacturing jobs in the last two and a half years and now you have a choice we can get more tax breaks to corporations that ship jobs overseas or we can start rewarding companies that open new plants and train new workers and create new jobs here in the united states of america. we can help big factories and small businesses double their exports and if we choose this past week and create 1 million new be
much the white sox game but the way they lost. the game sure enough, detroit cashed in for the wind it was a rough game overall. cabrera simply crushed it for a two-nothing lead. the sox did come back in the third. a.j. adam starts a solo shot. seven- four was the final. the sox leave now over the tigers. the cubs have the first place giants in town and to run shot at 24th of the year and the cubs were on their way it will go off the wall also the score making it 5-nothing cubs win 6-4. it means lorenzo booker played in the last two seasons one year ago. but even if they cut him, they obviously like him of course we have a great chance to see what josh could do last year at the end of the year and he is capable i can still see him playing against the packers the fighting irish begin their season tomorrow. notre dame hitting the practice field. questions about ancestry. my great grandfather eugene kelly born and lived in ireland all his life so i'm pretty proud of that. she got wiped out in the sidelines but she was ok. 1410 is the game now in the fourth quarter. he carved out a 62
prices. so our hotels were half price. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ ♪ hotwire.com detroit has pretty much owned the stocks over the course of the entire season and apparently they're not quite ready yet. a pretty big crowd tonight. sox rabbit one-nothing lead in the double in the third. gordon beckham now holding the oval previously held by adam done. alston jackson got him good. miguel cabrera finally gets on the board with a home run that put the tigers in front. in houston, somewhat proud to be a cubs fan. they collided in first base. he had to leave the game. he is ok. he didn't care down the line, why would he? no rana and the cubs are down 1-nothing in the eighth. the bears have a pretty good idea about what they're going to get from the packers thursday night a big joke of aaron rogers when green day has the ball. they are off to cheese land on wednesday. green bay's defense wasn't very good against the forty-niners. we invite press coverage our guys outside have to make the play. if they want to get physical, i do welcome that. he may not have greg jennings at his disposal on thursd
end here we go again but detroit beat themselves again today with more terrible defense what is austin jackson doing out there in center field? over his head, a triple and two rbis. he messed up a couple of other place to and the a's win it across the board. he is still in hospital with an irregular heartbeat about to go home tomorrow this should make him feel better. he gets five in the inning to on the double by henry rodriguez. anthony rizzo delivers here but the reds win a 5-3 they sweep the cubs at wrigley washington has done it tonight to. i cannot imagine them not coming out sunday a great opportunity to reverse the momentum bryant or lacquer didn't practice comes sunday he will be backing up the defensive line, it's been really good so far. henry has his game plan already in order. it was a rivalry game. >> if you second this time will you say hey nice to see you this time? >> i'm not mike up this time but it's going to be dirty. don't think matt forte will be ready he didn't practice today either. i think we can expect a lot of michael bush come sunday. regardless i always
third and two game against the a's in 42 of the year. he gets his 15th victory in detroit. chris buyer managing the reds at wrigley the cubs down 5-1 in the sixth. his 30th home run 103 rbis its 5-3. that's embarrassing. the cubs still trail 5-for the bears are taking a professional approach to this week putting the packers in their rearview mirror and looking ahead to the rams on sunday if they could just get this color web thing behind them. the day after admitting he went too far when he bumped to marcus web j. kohler did his best to put the incident at green bay behind him. there are still lots of moving parts how to communicate within the leak this guy is not falling quite yet. but the players take care of it and it's time for us to go out there and have fun again. brandon marshall and jake color go back a few years to their days in denver so it's not surprising that marshall has colors back he said he wanted to play for the quarterbacks with a backbone. that's the reason i wanted to be here and that's the guy i want to play for we have to be productive and to make sure we are co
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13